from the old castel of Navarino a beautiful view over Voidokilia bay

Impression of Costa Navarino.

This page explains the region around the island of Navarino and how the name Costa Navarino came to life.

AJ stayed here in the summer of 2015 and was a member of the Navarino golf courses. He explains why this region is an absolute MUST visit.

And with some videos to get an idea…..

AJ will show around in the Bay area. The Navarino Bay area is in a huge development, especially concerning the golf sport.

18 holes international golf course developed by Bernard Langer.

This par 71 course places a slightly greater emphasis on strategic play and positional golf.

Pylos, the harbour town on the south side of the Navarino bay. Former known as Navarino. The town were captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos found his last resting area. He was the founder of the whole Costa Navarino project.

This lovely small village, where AJ lived and worked in the summer of 2015, just to be able to play a lot of golf.

The bungalows of Gialova Gardens are absolutely perfect in you like golf and spacious holiday house.

Sitting on your own porch overlooking the whole Bay area. On the roof terrace you spot the holes of the Bay Course.

Some important history about the Bay area, where so many lives where lost.

Hole 6 of the costa navarino project ; the Bay Course, the view over de bay is absolutely amazing
The bay course - hole 12 overlooking the island just in front of you



Since 2004 they worked hard to retain all the old olive trees.