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“a Stroll through the layers of Heraklion’s historical Treasures”

Heraklion, formerly known as Candia, is a historical layer cake waiting to be uncovered. Join me as we wander through the ages, meeting the characters and seeing some of the best known and lesser known sites.

With the use of the VoiceMap app it happens all (kind of) automatically. Install the app and purchase this city walk and follow my instructions as you wonder through town.

Walk along the shore line towards the harbor fortress named Koules. Experience the lively centre of Heraklion, with all its vibrant historical aspects. See, and be able to visit, these marvelous churches and still have time to sit down for a coffee or a souvlaki, whenever you like. Wander between a Venetian fortress setting and the beautiful Agios Titus church. Stroll through the market street and learn about some local products. Explore in the vibrant centre the Lion fountain and end up at the entrance of the Archaeological museum.

one of the most beautiful buildings during city walk Heraklion - Venetian Loggia

Directions to starting point:

The starting point is the (new) bus station of KTEL. It’s situated near the port of Heraklion and the arrival and departure point for all the local busses from and to the east part of the island. The street name is Efessou.
If you come by car, you can take the exit to the port and park you car in the neighbourhood, of the port and walk to this starting point.

After soaking up all these spectacular views during this city walk, you can decide to take the local bus to the excavation site of Knossos.

the city walk Heraklion at the square of Agios Minas

Enjoy Agios Minas with detail.

view over the pictoresque harbour during city walk Heraklion

Idyllic images at the harbour.

explore the Ottoman Turkish sebil now used as a kafeneon

Ottoman Turkish sebil.

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Places to stop along the way:

Koules Harbour fortress, Loggia, St. Marks basilica, Lions Fountain, 1866 Market street, Bembo fountain, Kournaros square, Agios Titus Church, Liberty square, Archeological Museum, St.George Gate, Bus stop to Knossos Excavations.

Best time of day:

You can experience this city walk all day long. Use shadow areas to wait and listen the audio items.


Due to the length of the audio information it’s wise to bring your smartphone battery charger, to avoid that your battery runs out of power.

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