Arjan Vera | AJ with on the background the driving range of the Crete Golf club

Good day. Thank you for your interest in me as a person.

Through this page, and the links to my social media pages, I hope to give you an impression of who I am.

Always difficult to describe yourself. Therefore I choose to do with the help of the famous hashtag #

#sportive #hospitality #social #funny #independent #entrepreneur  #creative  #stubborn #sensitive #driven #studious #1.86m


Sport has been a main influence in my life. As a youngster I tried judo, table tennis and football before I found my passion in Basketball. When I started to travel I turned ski-ing and diving into professions and kept tennis as a hobby. The decision to go into golf came after my four seasons as sailing flotilla leader on yachts. Yoga, pilates and e.g. darts I did in my profession as Event Coordinator. Did I miss one? Most probably.


The keyword of working for more than 25 years in tourism. Serving my clients, or rather guests, in the best way possible. Nowadays they call that the ‘customer journey experience’. I just try to look at all the tiny details and do that with a smile.


As a result I became more and more social. The young shy Arjan disappeared and became a confident personality among all and everyone.


This resulted in being quick and interactive with words. To my surprise people call me funny.
I take that as a compliment.


Although I was in relationships for more than 14 years, I know how to live independently. Doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to meet the right one!


Lyttos Beach Golf Academy and the GPS interactive city walks on the VoiceMap platform are the main key words. With self discipline and continuation, I still believe in doing the things you like, but also have the trust in exponential growth. Back in the days I had an own restaurant on my name on Crete, while still producing souvenir dvd’s of the scuba diving adventures. After that developing the whole Routaki routes platform and learning how to play golf to get to this position.


In all those seasons my brain never stopped creating things. From mosaics to websites and logos to camper tours. Sometimes I wish it would be a bit less.


or strong personality. I know what I want and I think I know how to get there. Always willing to listen, but never without a good discussion.


I sense everything. Mostly in noise and sound. I love quiet places, which pitifully become rare nowadays.


Once a thought fits in and it feels good, I can go a long way to get it right. I try not to be a perfectionist. Better something good and finished than perfect and unfinished.


Learn by doing; “you only need to be one page ahead of the one you teach or instruct”.


my length as a healthy Dutch man, born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch on the 14th of April 1969.

And as you have landed on this page (through a redirect of you also came on board of the Travel Golf Lifestyle project, my ultimate goal.

To get there I use the Voicemap app and create city walks with GPS interactive audio information. Till then I guide you around on the Crete Golf course, where I try to get everyone enthusiastic about the golf sport.

Main slogan in there is; “you don’t have to be on a golf holiday, to play golf on your holiday”.

If you like to know more about my working history you can check out my LinkedIn page. Basically said; I’ve been combining the touristic summer seasons with the ones of the winter-sport for the last 25 years. Tourism is the main keyword.

My personal social media links:

working on the project - by AJ4U

AJ4U Golf & Guide is my company name. To keep you ‘live’ updated concerning all the services I create:

practice on the Lyttos Beach Golf Academy